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News From Council – May 2016

Date: April 30, 2016 Speaker: Council

News from Council

In our January Lamp, Council told our members that we were meeting with Bishop Michael Pryse in March. Lynette shared some of the information with our members. For those that may have missed it, Lynette has provided an excerpt from that report.

“Bishop Michael wants us to know that he cares deeply for St. Philip – his home church. He wants us to know that we are not alone. We face the same challenges as many churches in all denominations. Bishop Michael told us of congregations that are merging and creating a new congregation; congregations that are joining existing congregations and some that make the decision to close. All these choices are difficult and require much thought, prayer and time. Whatever we as a congregation decide to do, Bishop Michael and our Synod will  guide and help us. At our Annual meeting a decision was made to support a Level Two Budget. This is the budget we would need to support a call for a part time minister. As of the end of February, our YTD Revenues are $10,765.16 and our YTD Budgeted Revenues are $15,499.98. We would then have a deficit of $4734.82. Can we in good faith even support a call for a part time minister? ”

Reverend Koellner has met with the council members from St. Philip’s and Maranatha as requested at the Annual Meeting. He is also providing leadership to Council in discerning its future.

At our May council meeting we will be working with Pastor Koellner on a proposal for our future to present to our members shortly.

Dear Lord,

We are grateful to You, Lord Jesus Christ, that You have established Your church on earth, where You bless us with love and mercy in the Word and the Sacraments. Use our congregation for the building of Your kingdom on earth. Make our congregation a power for good in our community. Amen.

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