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Communication at St. PHILIP:


Once every month, the chairperson of the incorporated church council announces key events and ministries, happening at St. Philip at the worship service. However our main tool for communicating to all our members is the publication of the Lamp. Dianne Cook produces the Lamp once a month to share information, the financial report, and any other messages about our church at large or our community. Anybody can submit articles or announcements to Dianne.

 It is at the discretion of the editor whether the article is printed in the Lamp. She has the editorial rights to correct any spelling mistakes or errors in grammar. She will publish your name, giving you credit for the articles that you have submitted. Dianne also follows the strict guidelines of publishing in regard to copyright laws.

 The Lamp will be placed on the website for those people who have access to the internet. There will be hard copies placed in the members mailboxes. If members are not picking up their copies of the Lamp, a friend or neighbour should take it to that member. St. Philip will not be mailing any materials to the members because the cost is too high.

 We encourage everyone to make use of this communication tool to keep in touch with the activities and events at St. Philip. Also we would hope that you would contribute to this newsletter so that your views and ideas can be shared with all the members. Please consider how you can be part of our communication strategy at St. Philip.



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