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Microsoft appfabric cache

Windows Server AppFabric provides distributed caching features. The following topics describe the benefits, the design, and the process of using the caching. Windows Server AppFabric Caching features use a cluster of servers that communicate with each other to form a single, unified application cache system. This section provides background information about how Windows Server AppFabric Cache Service assemblies work. The following topics describe the.

AppFabric Caching provides an in-memory, distributed cache platform for Windows Server. Microsoft developed AppFabric Caching and released it as part of. AppFabric is a set of middleware technologies for Windows Server, released by Microsoft. It consists of two main feature areas: AppFabric Hosting and AppFabric Caching. Windows Server AppFabric is a distributed cache solution that comes with Microsoft Windows Server. This course will cover the basics of programming against.

12 Nov Microsoft announced earlier this year it will be ending support for Windows Server AppFabric by April AppFabric Caching users now. 1 Jul Run the installer and select AppFabric Cache. If you're on Windows Server AppFabric Caching Service configuration Store. Configuring the. 13 Aug I struggled today to find a good “Getting started with Windows Server AppFabric Cache” tutorial – either my _search fu _failed me or it simply.


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