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2014 Bible Camp Success


St. Philip’s Luthern Vacation Bible Camp in August 2014 was a great success!





The Vacation Bible School was truly amazing, which was part of our theme song. You will hear that wonderful song on September 7 at the Back to Sunday School worship service.


Twenty children from ages 3 to 11 enjoyed a busy 5 days of crafts, games, great snacks, dramatization, imagination centres and of course Bible stories and song.

Arlene Knight from Maranatha presented the Bible story daily in drama and narrative form.


Monday was the story of the Ten Lepers, with the theme “Even when you are left out, Jesus loves you”. The weird animal was Axyl, a water animal only found in a small part of Mexico, so he too felt left out. We sang our theme song “All Around the World” and a rock version of “Jesus Loves You”.

Tuesday was the story of the Samaritan woman at the well, with the theme “Even when you are different, Jesus loves you”.


Our weird animal was Fern a leafy sea-dragon who was very different from the other water animals. “All Creatures of our God and King” was the song of the day. Linda Bluhm from Reformation provided us with shaggy socks to make a sea-dragon, octopus and other weird animals.



On Wednesday, Carolyn Hertzberger told the story of the Washing of Jesus Feet. It had the theme “Even though you do not understand, (and the disciples did not understand why Jesus would wash their lowly, dirty feet), Jesus loves you”. Our song for the day was “God Loves Us So”—even though we do not deserve it or earn it, Jesus loves us. The weird animal was Milton the mole, who is almost blind but God has given him a super special nose to help him understand what things are since he cannot see them.


The story of Jesus dying and rising from the dead was the Bible story for Thursday. The theme was “Even though you do wrong, Jesus still loves you”. In the story the people put a good person to death which was very wrong. Jesus did not make anyone suffer for their sins but died to save all our sins. The weird animal was Shred who looked like a porcupine with quills on his head. He could hurt other animals but we learned even if you are wrong, Jesus loves you. Our song was “Give It Away”…we are loved by Jesus and we should give the love away to other people.


On our closing day, Friday, we had the story of Saul and Ananias where Saul became blind and afraid and Ananias gave him his sight back so he could spread the Good Word to others. The weird animal was Iggy, a frilled lizard who when frightened, would run away quickly. Even though you are afraid, Jesus loves you. The song about the Golden Rule encouraged everyone to do unto others what you would have them do to you.


Thanks to Emily Campbell for being Dr. Paws, giving us a new twist to the Bible Story. Also for presenting the videos which related to the theme so the children had a better understanding of the Bible story in our lives. Cheryl Wiandt added vim and vigour to our songs and guided the 6, 7, and 8 year olds with Carolyn Wilker in their activities.


Our snacks were amazing and they matched the daily theme—like perfect parfaits and people paws. In the kitchen Ruby Janssen and Marilyn Colquhoun always had the food ready for the children to assemble and enjoy.


Carolyn Wilker and her daughter Sarah used the videos to provide us with the songs and the actions. The songs were a central part of the message and this awesome twosome were a wonderful addition to the theme and story. Carolyn also assisted in the planning and organization of the week’s activities.



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